cc staging & design

Cristina & Cristian are friends who turned their love and passion for all things design into a staging and design business. Together, Cristina & Cristian have several years of Interior Design, staging and experience and have partnered with dozens of small businesses and individual Clients throughout the Northeast—committed to improving the customer experience through consultation, efficiency, organization and timely delivery. Cristina & Cristian have a well-deserved reputation for quality customer service and effective staging and design deliveries. They have developed key solutions to help businesses and individuals stay happy throughout the entire staging and design process without adding extra costs and fees.  They keep ahead of trends and meet Client goals and delivery of projects within the time frames specified by the Client.  Their goal is to keep the Client happy throughout each phase of staging and design while maintaining professionalism and having lots of fun and laughter with their Clients. 

Since opening, Cristina & Cristian have been lucky enough to grow their business fast. Cristian now solely handles the design aspect of the business. Cristina only handles the staging jobs. 

While Cristina & Cristian can design any style the client wants, they specialize in new age traditional, modern, contemporary, eclectic and transitional.