Large or Small, we Stage and Design it all!

Since opening in April 2017, we've staged over $51,000,000 of now sold homes! Trust us to stage your space. We will match the style to the feel of the neighborhood and the bones of the space. 

cc staging & design

Our studio in Washington, DC stores over $300,000 worth of art & unique pieces collected over the years and we keep adding to our collection so that we can bring our Clients one of a kind items to rent at affordable prices.  Our goal is to make our Clients happy and want to hire us again. We also have enough items in stock to provide turn key furniture rentals within days.  Also, with 2 weeks notice, we can provide a keynote presentation of the furniture that we would place in your residence or commercial space. 

We truly value your business.  We may be only a couple of years old, but we are good and know what we are doing. We keep growing! Give us a call today!

"Unlike most Stagers, we personally love a monochromatic aesthetic with lots of different visual layers. This sets us apart from your typical Stager...and our homes sell FAST"